You Are Now Free To Freak Out About Your Travels

I picked up my ridiculously heavy suitcase and shouldered my eerily light messenger bag and shambled outside. I mentally checked off the things that I had packed into the suitcase; it helped calm my nerves a bit. I put my luggage in the trunk of the car and slid into the back seat.

I think I’ve got everything I need…oh right, need to ask Tavis about where to get money.

Me: “I’m supposed to get money from post offices right?”
Tavis: “Yeah, post offices are good, 7-11’s too.”
Me: “Does it have to be a 7-11 or will any convenience store do?”
Tavis: “7-11 specifically; though I guess all you really need is an ATM with a star on it, take out your debit card.”

I reach into my wallet and pull out my debit card.
Tavis glances over it and a worried look washes over his face.

Tavis: “Uh…lemme see your credit card.”

I comply.
The same look returns to his face.

Tavis: “I don’t see it.”
Me: “See what?”
Tavis: “The star on your cards.”
Me: “Is that a bad thing?”
Tavis: “…”


Tavis: “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine tabun.”
Me: “That’s not very comforting.”
Tavis: “Well the only thing left is to tameshitemimasu. I mean, what’s the worst thing that can happen?”
Me: “I’m stuck in Japan without any money?”
Dad: “You have your credit card though right? You can use that to get cash.”
Me: “Will that work? It doesn’t have the star on it…”
Tavis: “You can use it, you told your credit card company you’re going to Japan right?”
Me: “…I have to do that?”
Tavis: “It’s not a big deal, you can still use it; they just cancel if after the first charge.”

And thus began my journey to Japan.

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2 Responses to You Are Now Free To Freak Out About Your Travels

  1. agnes says:

    who is that guy sleeping on the floor?

  2. Cchan says:

    It’s a subway, and I don’t know. Just found a picture on the internet.

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