Domestic Troubles 6.20

Couldn’t really sleep last night, I was too nervous and excited finishing my journey to Imabari. When I woke up again at 3AM I decided just to stay up. Conveniently my hostel mate just returned and we had a short conversation before she went to sleep and I went off to catch the first train of the day.

Taking the first train is actually pretty relaxing, since there are hardly any people you’re kind of free to stretch out on the surprisingly comfy seats. So I lined up my oversized luggage and zoned out listening to my IPod. A couple train switches, asking a security guard for directions, and an hour and a half later I found myself at Haneda Airport.

It’s kind of sad how used I am to America’s ridiculous standards for airline security. I stepped into the security line and immediately noticed no one had taken off their shoes. A bit taken aback I retreated a few steps to better survey the situation. I scanned the sign to see which items were prohibited. Seeing a plastic bottle I made haste to dispose of the C.C. Lemon I was reusing as a water bottle. Much to my chagrin I noticed there weren’t any trash bins in my general area; and after a bit of scanning, I’m not even sure if there were trashcans in the airport. I ended up going outside to dispose of my contraband. When I returned to the security line I scanned the list of items again, only to realize they just wanted to me to take my bottles out of my bag OTL

The rest of security was painless, and there was a person on hand to help people place their items in bins and push them into the X-ray machine. And on the other side they had someone bring your things to you. It was off-putting at first since the only time security approaches me in America is to dump my stuff all over a table or yell at me, sometimes both.

After walking through security I decided to grab a light breakfast since I was ahead of schedule. I picked up a container of assorted sandwiches (they were delicious) and a bottle of milk tea.

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One Response to Domestic Troubles 6.20

  1. agnes says:

    yeap, only in America! you did well, I worried too much!

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