One of Us 6.21

Today was my first day of work. The routine was different from what it will normally be since the priority seemed to be introducing me to people throughout the company. At 7:00 I left the dorm with Kaji-san and headed for Uzushio Electric’s Headquarters, Mirai Factory (Future Factory). According to Kaji-san it was built just this January.

Upon arriving I greeted some important people and was then placed into a small meeting room named New York. It was here that I had a glimpse into Uzushio’s evil plan. The walls of the room were adorned with the company motto, directives, and a picture of the founder. Having nothing better to do I did my best to read them.

Then the music started.


The song resounded in the tiny room with their propaganda littering the walls. People peered in to see how far gone I was. They offered smiles and slight bows, but I knew the truth.

They were brainwashing me.

Uzushio Denki Bemaku!

The song continued to loop as the walls of the room started to close in around me. I closed my eyes and covered my ears, but it didn’t help. The face of the founder flashed in my mind and the lyrics danced around in my head.

Then I started to sing.

I sang along with the song and after finishing a verse or two, someone came to retrieve me.

Now that my conditioning was complete they introduced me to the section chiefs in the company. Afterwards I was taken on a tour of Mirai Factory (Factory of the Gods), saw a picture of Atom Boy, and was outfitted in my company uniform. Finally I was introduced to the president of the company.

I had become one of them.

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4 Responses to One of Us 6.21

  1. agnes says:

    company uniform?! wasted $$ on your suits??

  2. agnes says:

    is this real or made up scenario?

  3. Cchan says:

    I’m using the pants from my suits. The only sizes they had at the company were uncomfortably tight and ridiculously large -_-

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