Se-Ke 6.21.10

Following my initiation at Mirai Factory (Fun Factory), Kaji-san took me to the office I would actually be working at. Turns out it’s right next door to the dorm I’m staying at.

I entered the building and greeted all of the workers on the first floor before climbing to the second floor and my section, Se-Ke. I handed over the gifts I had brought for the people in the section and then sat down to eat a bento lunch with them.

During the lunch breaks at Uzushio they turn off the lights so people can sleep or do whatever else they want to do in order to relax. Following the lunch break Anpan (my supervisor), formally introduced me to all of the people who worked in the section. Everyone in the department lined up and introduced themselves, there were about 20 people and I don’t remember any of their names -_-;

I then sat down at my desk and started to settle in. My desk sits right in front of Anpan’s. After a few minutes I went into the conference room with Captain Crunch to try and figure out what I should be working on. Doing so turned out to be a rather time consuming process.

I wasn’t sure which merits of mine caused them to hire me, and apparently they didn’t either. The meeting mainly consisted of calling people in and asking them if they had any work for me to do, people being surprised that I could speak Japanese, and questions about what kinds of things I could do. Following about an hour and a half of deliberation and tossing around ideas (the most popular one being creating a system to win at Pachinko), they settled on having me translate a document from Japanese to English.

Considering how long it took to find work for me, I was curious about what the other interns had done.

Me: [What did the interns before me do?]
Co-worker A: [The one before you used Auto-CAD to create something that managed electric cables.]
Co-worker B: [And the ones before that drank alcohol all day and hooked up with Japanese chicks.]
Me: [Can I do that instead then?]

I now have the best job in the world.

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4 Responses to Se-Ke 6.21.10

  1. agnes says:

    offer ton update their website, very primitive

  2. agnes says:

    how many employees are there? not enough candy?

  3. Khang says:

    wow I want that job too. I would be or use to be the perfect candidate. “Drinking Alcohol”.

  4. Cchan says:

    I think there was enough candy. After I handed it over I went off to take care of some other things so I didn’t actually see if everyone got one.

    Drinking alcohol is fine and all, but you’re currently neglecting half of the duties 😛

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