Life as Usual 6.22.10

It hasn’t been very long at all but I already feel pretty comfortable here. Having such a barren room is kind of weird though. I want to stop by some shops in town and maybe get some wall scrolls or something.

Today after work I went for a jog. However, what was supposed to be a 30 minute jog turned into a 2 hour one. I started off by going towards the part of town I didn’t know, it was pretty much all residential with rice paddies flanking most of the houses. I kept wandering about enjoying the scenery and being wary of the small amount of space between the road and the rice paddies.

I eventually started heading towards the direction of the train station and found a shrine. The shrine was at the top of a hill with a large stone staircase leading up to it. At the bottom of the hill at the entrance of the shrine was a place to wash your hands (purify yourself I think) and a bunch of stone lions. At the top were a bunch of wooden buildings, I’ll take a picture next time I’m there. After the shrine I decided to head back to the dorm and ended up getting a little lost. I managed to wander into the city center and then found my way from there.

When I got back I took a shower and headed to the cafeteria, unfortunately they already cleaned up dinner (or so I thought at the time), so I went to the convenience store instead. I picked up a bento and some snacks. I thought it was kind of weird how they displayed their pornography so prominently in their magazine section. I was looking at the magazine rack and noticed a bunch of porn magazines lined up at the bottom of the rack.

After eating my dinner, I walked back to the dorm and proceeded to have the shit scared out of me by a cockroach. When I was in the bathroom a cockroach jumped out from the toilet paper roll after I took a piece. It proceeded to run right at my feet and into the bath. I freaked out and got the vacuum cleaner to try and dispose of the pest. But, as I got close to the bath it ran out again and made a break for the entrance. At that point I lost sight of it, which didn’t do much for my nerves -_-;

I never did see it again, I think (hope) it ran outside. The rest of my night was uneventful, just snacking on some things from the convenience store and glancing in the direction of the hallway every now and then to make sure the cockroach wasn’t coming back T_T

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4 Responses to Life as Usual 6.22.10

  1. agnes says:

    pictures, pictures, pictures PLEASE!
    when I was young a rat bite my little toes when I was in the bathroom. Cockroaches and lizards are common sight in Asia though I am scared of them. One of my uncle in HK (still living) use to catch those cockroaches in the kitchen and roast them over open fire and eat them as snacks!

  2. agnes says:

    next time when you are in a shrine, chant and say a prayer for me!

  3. Tecla says:

    Cockroach?? ewwwwwwwwww~
    Careful they can also fly!! buy a sturdy pair of slippers and kill all of them manga style!! ganbare 🙂

  4. Cchan says:

    I’m not sure if I can get close enough to smash it with slippers.
    They’re fast and they scare the bejesus out of me -_-;

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