Dry July 6.24.10

So today after work our section had a 勉強会, essentially it was a meeting for people in the section to discuss things they can do to improve usability of products or overall ship design; which meant there was a lot of technical talk that I didn’t understand.

After discussing something about ship ignition methods and bridges everyone started staring at me. Now at this point in the conversation I had kind of zoned out so I wasn’t really sure what was going on.

Mu-san: [Did you understand what we were talking about?]
Me: [I kinda got lost after the bridge conversation.]
Yoshi: [What are you doing Captain Crunch?]
Captain Crunch: [Thinking of a way to explain it in English…]
Na-san: [Wow…can you do that?]
Yoshi: [I think even if you understood Japanese the conversation might be hard to follow…]

At this point there was kind of a non-sequitor.

Yoshi: [Hey Kurata, did you take Chan-san around the town yet?]
Captain Crunch: [Not yet.]
Yoshi: [Why not?]
Captain Crunch: [He hasn’t even been here a week yet. But speaking of which, Chan-san you need uh…シャツ right?]
Na-san: [シャツ?! That’s not English.]
Me: [It kinda is… but you mean dress shirts right?]
Everyone: Doresu Shatsu

Then the 勉強会 became an English study session.

Me: {up at the white board} [Now the dress shirts that everyone is wearing are called short-sleeve dress shirts.]
Everyone: Short-sleeve.
Me: [And the long ones, the ones that go up to here…what’s the word for wrist?]
Na-san: tekubi
Me: [Thank you. The ones that go up to your wrist are called long-sleeve]
Everyone: Long-sleeve.

And to be topical, we discussed how to say July.

Yoshi: Jary
Me: Ja-lie
Yoshi: Ja-ry [Is that OK?]
Me: [It sounds like dry to me -_-;] Ja-lie
Yoshi: Ju-ry. [How about now?]
Me: [It’s still a bit…]
Yoshi: Dress Shatsu.
Me: [Yeah, that one’s OK.]
Yoshi: Ja-ry
Me: [It’s still a bit…]
Yoshi: [It kind of sounds like ちゃらい]
Me: [What does ちゃらい mean?]
Captain Crunch: [I’m not sure how to explain it English… and you don’t really need to know it.]
Me: [I want to get better at Japanese though…]
Captain Crunch: [It’s 俗語 though so you don’t need to know it]
Me: […what’s 俗語?]

So much to learn T_T

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One Response to Dry July 6.24.10

  1. agnes says:

    勉強会 – what a name! something like forcing you to attend meeting in chinese
    俗語 – like when I say you are silly/crazy in cantonese those words are impossible to explain!
    so go shopping this weekend for work clothes? I thought they gave u uniform on your 2nd day of work.

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