Invasive Species 6.25.10

For whatever reason, Japanese shops close ridiculously early. I decided to check out some shops after dinner ~7:00 PM only to find everything closed, minus convenience stores and barbers.

I can understand why convenience stores would be open late, but I don’t understand why barbers are. I mean, even the ATM corner closes down before the barbers in this area do. How is it that Japanese people need haircuts more than they need money? And how do they get haircuts if they didn’t withdraw from the ATM before it closed down?

During my time here I’ve dwelled on this seeming contradiction and have come to only one reasonable conclusion: Japanese barbers are vampire hunters.

Vampire: Man, this place is easy pickings. I mean, there’s a guy just sitting in a shop by himself with no one else around. Itadakimasu.
{Vampire enters barbershop}
Vampire: [Hi, I’d like a haircut please]
Barber/Vampire Hunter: [No human would be around this late at night…die blood-sucking scum!]
Vampire: Graaaaaah

This might also explain the low number of foreigners in Japan.

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One Response to Invasive Species 6.25.10

  1. agnes says:

    interesting concept! or they have mom like me that keep telling their sons to ‘go get a haircut’.

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