Lazy Sunday 6.27.10

In the morning I jogged to the temple and took some pictures. After I got back from my jog, I took a shower and then a nap 😀

When I woke up I headed out to the supermarket to pick up some food for dinner and grab some things I didn’t get on Saturday. The amount of pre-made food in Japan is godsend to lazy bachelors. I picked up a bento for about 300 yen and grabbed some side dishes, spent about 500 yen on dinner.

The store next door to the supermarket sells a lot of miscellaneous items that the supermarket doesn’t carry. I picked up a trash can, paper towels, and some hand soap.

Went back home, unpacked my stuff and cleaned up my room a little bit.

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2 Responses to Lazy Sunday 6.27.10

  1. agnes says:

    I am beginning to understand! portions in the grocery store are not for single dwellings. Too much left overs staring at me in the frig!

  2. Dad says:

    Hi Colgan,
    Today, Saturday, is Chinatown street fair. We sure miss you. You have been helping in the street fairs in last few years. The weather was good and Uncle Felix have brought his family up from Oregon. So your cousin Jeffery and Christi have also brought their girlfriend and boyfriend up visiting Grandma Chow. Grandma Chow have been asking you.
    Jeffery said he has been enjoying reading your blog. Keep it up as we all enjoy your blog very much. Are you watching the World Cup Soccer. Tomorrow is final with Spain vs Holland. Try to find a bar and watch it.
    Keep blogging !


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