They Don’t Sell Happiness 6.26.10

So on Saturday Captain Crunch took me into the main city in his car. The plan was to pick up some short sleeve dress shirts for work and other miscellaneous items. Most importantly, a rubber ducky. Ever since settling into my dorm I’ve partaken in the Japanese tradition of taking baths. And it isn’t a proper bath without a rubber ducky.
Our first stop was Haruyama, a clothing shop. No rubber ducky 😦

When we entered the shop, Captain Crunch explained the situation to the sales lady who immediately took out a ruler and started taking my measurements. The sales lady suggested 3 shirts for me and not feeling strongly about non-rubber ducky related matters, I accepted her suggestion and went to the register to pay. At the register I set up a point card and paid for the shirts. The sales lady wished me luck during my year here and we left the shop.

The next stop was a department store. For those who don’t know, Japanese department stores are on a completely different level from American ones. At this particular one, there were 3 levels worth of merchandise, the first floor being a grocery store. There was also a McDonalds, a sit-in restaurant, and a 100 yen shop on the first floor. I picked up some snacks and other things I needed for my room, but still no rubber ducky T_T

After the department store we went to a store that carried used media and then a bookstore. At the bookstore I picked up two light novels to help me practice my Japanese.

That night I went out to dinner with Captain Crunch and a guy from Qwabity Assuance. We went to an udon shop down the street. I had vegetable udon and some shochu. Shochu is an alcoholic drink which tastes like vodka, it was too strong for me -_-;

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2 Responses to They Don’t Sell Happiness 6.26.10

  1. agnes says:

    did you experience the bath house yet? the one similar to the movie ‘departure’?

  2. agnes says:

    you should get some slacks too! those suit pants go w/your suits, too expensive for every day use!

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