Hot Seat 7.1.10

I got asked to give an English lesson for the 勉強会at work today. I spent some time during working looking up some ideas for what to do -_-

Captain Crunch suggested that we use some tour books and have people tell me things about Osaka and the such. I decided against it because the tour books were in Japanese and I didn’t want them to try and translate from Japanese to English. My teachers told me that translating from one language to another is a bad way to learn. The grammar differences between the languages makes sentences come out weird if you try to translate word for word.

Eventually I decided on trying out a game called Hot Seat. Basically, one person sits in front of the whiteboard facing everyone else. Then I write a word in English on the whiteboard and the person sitting in front of the whiteboard, the hot seat, has to try to guess the word based on the hints the other people give them. Of course the hints have to be in English and they can’t say the word on the board.

The game worked out OK, people seemed to be having fun, but they were too scared to say anything in English. It was kind of funny though since every time I finished writing a word on the board there would be a collective sigh from everyone in the room. There were some really elaborate sentences, a lot of cut-off words, and a fair amount of distress when they were trying to give hints. I put the word kleptomaniac on the board just to mess with them 😀
After hot seat, I had them practice self-introductions. During which I corrected them on the way they worded some things and also taught them the phrase, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

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One Response to Hot Seat 7.1.10

  1. agnes says:

    kleptomaniac +_+
    I have to google translation on this one, don’t think I will remember this word.

    盜竊癖 in chinese

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