Kangeikai 7.2.10

Today after work the people in my section held a welcome party for me. While it was a bit late, I thought it was actually better this way; I had already got to know some of the people in my section so the party wasn’t so awkward. Though I guess the purpose of a welcome party in the first place is to break the ice…

At about 5:30 I went down to the parking lot of my dorm to meet up with some co-workers and carpool to the restaurant. I’m not entirely sure where the restaurant was, but it was by a castle. The first floor of the restaurant was more or less a bar, our room was on the second floor. The second floor was pretty much made up of one gigantic room, everyone from our section sat around a couple of tables pushed together. The party itself consisted mainly of drinking, eating, talking, gossip, and some impromptu entertainment.

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