Pay Day 6.28.10

So it turns out Anpan was gone last week because of a trip to Nagasaki. I found out when Lion passed out treats that Anpan had purchased. I thought they were from Lion though;
She corrected me after I thanked her for them later -_-;

Pirate visited me during work to introduce me to Ni-san, a worker from Mirai Koujo (Candy Land) who wanted to practice English. His hope is to get better at English so he can help out the other people in his section as well. We talked for a bit and he gave me his contact information. I still don’t have a cell phone so it makes the exchange kind of weird. Luckily he lives in the dorms as well so I can call him on the dorm intercom.

Today was also pay day at the company. Uzushio Denki is very traditional in the fact that they pay all of their employees in cash. So at the end of the day, everyone in the office was given a manila envelope packed with a month’s worth of pay. Well everyone except me. I have to wait until next month to receive my suspicious looking wad of money.

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One Response to Pay Day 6.28.10

  1. agnes says:

    you will be very wealthy next month then!
    offer some $ to the temple!

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