Slide! 6.29.10

I found a slide. On top of a mountain. Easily one of my best days in Japan so far. I was going for a jog after work and decided to follow a route up to an observation point. There were some places for campfires as I made my way up the mountain to the observation point. At the top was an ominous looking building and an excellent view of the surrounding area.

Jutting out from the observation point were several wooden extensions that gave different viewpoints of the surrounding area. Exploring these I noticed one had a slide. It was an interesting design too, rather than being sheet metal the slide was a series of rollers. Unfortunately I forgot it had rained earlier and I ended up soaking the back of my clothes after riding it -_-

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One Response to Slide! 6.29.10

  1. agnes says:

    now I understand! I was puzzled when I view the video you posted first. they were rollers, how interesting!

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