Did You Say Jesus? 7.4.10

Still not used to cockroaches. There is currently one in my room, and I’m not really sure how it got in. Unfortunately, its existence leaves me with two grim possibilities. Either a) cockroaches can enter my room at will or b) it has been in my room for over 2 weeks now. Neither of those thoughts are very comforting.

So on Sunday, the day after my rousing journey across the Japanese landscape, I decided to take it easy and not move much. However, there was a pile of laundry in the corner of my room so I decided to at least make the trip down a flight of stairs. It was fairly painful. The loading of dirty clothes and laundry detergent of questionable quality went without a hitch and I hobbled back to my room. About an hour later I returned to retrieve my now less smelly articles of clothing. As I reached for the basket I had left on top of the laundry machine I noticed something out of the corner of my eye.

A Cockroach.

I ran out of the room flustered and spewing whatever profanities I deemed appropriate at the time… and I ran into a person right outside of the laundry room. I did an awkward half bow and turned to go back into the laundry room.

Person X: Did you just say Jesus?
Me: Uh..yeah. There was a cockroach and I got a little surprised. I’m not so good with bugs.
Person X: I’m not so good with them either… were near the mountains so there are a lot. Are you the new intern?
Me: Yeah…
Mountain Bike: My name is Mountain Bike, it’s nice to meet you.
Me: Nice to meet you too.
Mountain Bike moves towards the laundry machine I was using. The cockroach is just chilling on the side of it.
Me: Watch out, the cockroach is there.
Mountain Bike: Oh.
Mountain Bike didn’t seem to mind the cockroach at all despite saying he wasn’t good with bugs -_-;

I stared at the cockroach for another couple of minutes before I gathered the courage to grab my clothes out of the laundry machine. We chatted for a bit more in English when another person came to the laundry room. It was Peaches who worked in the same section as Mountain Bike. We talked for a bit, and I eventually excused myself to go hang up my laundry to dry. Before I left Mountain Bike talked about making some plans to go out with some other people from his section to practice English. I accepted and we said we would plan something for definite at a later date.

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