Lost 7.3.10

After the Kangeikai on Friday Captain Crunch lent me 9 volumes of Vinland Saga and some DVDs to watch. Unfortunately I didn’t have a DVD player and my laptop doesn’t have a DVD drive. Not wanting to let the DVDs just sit in my room, I decided to head out to the electronics store to pick up an external DVD drive for my laptop. Unfortunately I didn’t really know where the store was. Being the adventurous (stupid) person I am, I set out early on Saturday morning in search of the electronics store that Kaji-san took me to my first day on the job.

The first place I found on my journey was not the electronics store, but the local library. I decided to stop in to look around. When I was going through the entry way two people were talking about studying English, for some reason I got the feeling they were going to call out to me -_-;

The library itself was pretty big, they had a large collection of VHS tapes as well. As I was walking through the aisles a little girl with her mom stared me down. I quickened my pace a bit and hid behind a bookshelf. It then dawned on me that I was hiding from a 6 or 7 year old girl.

I left the library feeling a bit ashamed and continued on my trek towards the illusory electronics store. Half an hour later I got the itching suspicion I wasn’t going to find the electronics store. I decided to keep walking anyways since the weather was pretty nice and I didn’t really have anything better to do that day. Plus there was the very real chance I’d find another electronics store.

After about an hour of walking I found myself in the neighboring town of Onishi. The town consisted mainly of some residential areas and a lot of metal working factories. A bit bored of walking on the main road I decided to check what the side streets were like. I found a beach and decided to take a break there. It started drizzling a little but I didn’t really pay any attention to it. After resting by the seaside for a couple minutes I went back out to the main road.

I kept walking and found myself in another town. I looked around for a sign to give me an idea of where I was, but the only sign I saw pointed towards the direction of Matsuyama. Earlier when I asked Captain Crunch about local game centers (arcades), he said that there weren’t any in Imabari, my best bet would be Matsuyama. With the 5,000 yen my brother passed on to me burning a hole in my wallet, I set course for Matsuyama.

I walked for another 2 hours and pretty much all I saw were houses and shipyards. I stopped in at some supermarkets and shops along the way just to see how their merchandise differed from the shops around Imabari, not much it turned out. I should also mention that at around this point it started raining really hard, by the time I noticed I was already soaking wet. When the rain had started dying down I found myself at another beach. I found some cover in the trees and wrung out the water from my shirt -_-;

I decided it was probably a good time to turn back.

Even though I had absolutely no idea where I was, I decided to take a different route back. After making sure I was heading back in the right direction I set off. On my way back I found a shopping complex with a somewhat promising looking 100 yen store. I walked into the store with my mental check list: handkerchief and rubber ducky.

I managed to find some handkerchiefs after getting a store clerk to help me, and from there I meandered over to the Toys section. They didn’t have a rubber ducky, but they did have a manatee.
Good enough for me. A little kid entered the aisle as I was leaving; luckily I was able to escape the death glare.

I bought my things and then stopped in at the café that was attached to the shopping complex. The place was a self-service restaurant, which was a pretty hard concept for me to wrap my head around at first. I kind of floundered around not sure if I should be sitting at a table or what. I had some trouble ordering, but luckily the lady there was really nice. I ended up ordering some curry and an iced coffee.

After about another 20 min. of walking I found a temple. This one actually had a well with water so I was able to partake in the purification ceremony; I decided to pass on rinsing my mouth though. The donation box for prayers was also set up, along with an explanation on the proper way to pray. I made a donation and said a prayer.

While I was walking it started to rain, again. I spotted a gaming store and decided to check it out. As I wandered around looking at the games, I felt a little bad because I was dripping water everywhere. The place had the top selling games listed for each console which was kind of nice. The top seller for the DS was Love Plus+, a dating sim of sorts. I was kind of tempted to buy it…
I eventually decided against it and continued on my way.

I found another shopping complex on my way back and decided to check it out. In the complex there was a gigantic Daiso and I finally found my rubber ducky. Well, it actually turned out to be a family of rubber duckys; apparently rubber duckys only come in bulk in Japan.

There was also a shop called Bulldog there. Their name didn’t really reveal what they sold, so I decided to check the store out. Even after walking around the store for 10 minutes I wasn’t really sure what they sold. They had a hodgepodge of items, ranging from Hello Kitty to boob towels. Luckily for me the store was having a 50% off sale, I figured it would be a good time to pick up some souvenirs. While I was looking through the Hello Kitty stuff a little girl ran into the aisle and just stared at me. I don’t think kids in Japan like me very much -_-;

After making my purchase, and strategically avoiding the death gazes of the children in the store, I resumed my journey hoping I was still going in the right direction. About 2 hours later I had no idea where I was. I decided it would be a good idea to ask for directions…but I didn’t remember my address. I walked around for another half an hour to see if I could find any landmarks, but no luck. However, I remembered I had business cards from some people at the company. I checked the cards and sure enough, they had the address of the office written on the card. God bless Japanese business culture.

Unfortunately the business cards had been soaked in the rain and were kind of stuck together. Nevertheless I went to the nearest convenience store to ask for directions. I walked into the store and triumphantly presented my stack of melted together business cards to the clerk behind the counter.

Me: [Sorry, I seem to have gotten a little lost, do you know where this place is?]
Clerk: {Takes the stack of cards and stare blankly at them} [Please wait…] {Goes to the back of the store}
The first clerk comes back with another, older clerk
Clerk #2: [Let’s see here, you want to go to Namikata right?]
Me: [Uh, yes]
Clerk #2: [Alright…] {Pulls out a map and turns to a page} [So right now we’re here and] {flips the page to a larger view} [Namikata is over here.]
Me: [Oh…]
Clerk #2: [How are you going there, by car?]
Me: [I’m walking.]
Clerk #2: [Walking? By car it would take 20 minutes…]
Me: [I’ll be OK!]
A third, female clerk appeared behind me with me noticing.
Clerk #3: [You’re going all the way to Namikata? That’s far.]
Clerk #2: [Yeah, and he’s walking. So to get there you’re going to take a right at this streetlight, go down a bit and take a right at the next street light. Then just keep going straight. Ask for directions again when you get, there I’m not sure exactly where the place you’re looking for is.]
Me: [Right and another right… so I’ll end up going that way?]
Clerk #2: [Yes.]
Clerk #3: [Are you going there to make ships?]
Me: [Sorry?]
Clerk #3: [ Are you going there to make ships?]
Me: {Blank stare}
Clerk #3: [What’s ship in English?]
Clerk #2: [I don’t know. But anyways, remember right here and then a right at the next intersection. Ask for directions again when you get there.]
Me: [Ok, thank you]

If you’re wondering why I didn’t answer the clerk’s question, it’s because I only realized what she was saying after I left the place OTL

So with my new path set, I began the long walk back to the dorms. It was about 6:30 PM at this point so I didn’t stop by any stores because I wanted to get back before it got too dark. I found another shrine on the road back and decided to pray that I make it back home 😀

About 2 hours later I finally found some shops and streets I recognized, I ended up getting a bento at a Supermarket since I had missed the meal at the dorms. I finally reached my dorm at about 9:00 PM. The first thing I did was take a bath with my new bath toys, it was awesome.

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2 Responses to Lost 7.3.10

  1. watanal says:

    Iiiiii for one would like to see pictures of both the duck family and the manatee 🙂

  2. agnes says:

    my poor baby!
    things you do only when you are young!
    thank you for the donation and the prayer!
    next time burn an incense …..or do they do this?

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