Engleash 7.5.10

Having mostly finished up my translation on Friday, I spent most of Monday editing the document and fact checking some of the information. In the afternoon someone from another section stopped by my desk and starting chatting in English. After a little bit he told me to follow him to the meeting room. Not really sure who he was or why I was going to the meeting room, I was a bit unnerved. And waiting for me in the meeting room was another person I didn’t know.

They said they were from the sales section, but still didn’t mention why they were here. We talked in English for awhile and they finally mentioned they just wanted to practice English. Apparently they have a lot of people in their section that want to practice English, so they wanted to know if I would visit their section from time to time to talk to them. Seeing as how I don’t have a lot of work to do (they told me I was translating too fast -_-;), I agreed to their request. So from now on, two times a month (tentatively) they’re going to pull me from my section and bring me to theirs for conversation practice. Considering all the other situations that have occurred prior to this, I seem to be pretty popular since I can speak English.

On a slightly related note, I’ve finally learned how to properly use the electric dictionary I bought about two weeks ago, it should help build my vocabulary quite a bit from now on.

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One Response to Engleash 7.5.10

  1. agnes says:

    if you see something you like to do/learn, volunteer/ask to do so; don’t wait to be asked. You earn more respect by taking things in your own hands.

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