Sazer-X 7.6.10

Did some logistic stuff at work with Ni-san and In-san. Arranged times to meet up and hang out. Also picked up my foreign registration, now I can get internet and phone. But that stuff isn’t important, what is important is


In English, Super Star Fleet Sazer-X. And it is a super awesome transforming superhero show, which was unfortunately canceled after its third season. Which really only goes to prove the fact that all amazing shows get cancelled. Anyways, I managed to catch a mini-marathon of the series and got completely hooked, thanks in no small part to their ending song and moral lessons.

Dance (figures):
Dance (real):
Note: You need to have a nico nico video account to watch the real end, I couldn’t find it on Youtube 😦

The basic idea of the show is that a guy from the future came back in time to stop evil dudes from enveloping the world in darkness. To do this he recruits people and gives them power suits so they can rip the evil people apart. In addition to their power suits, they also have roughly 1 billion vehicles at their disposal which I think is part of their marketing scheme to sell a sh!t tons of toys. Especially since most of the vehicle designs are lame and uninspired.

While the vehicles may be a bit lame, the characters in the show are really fun. While they are your typical archetypes, the show doesn’t take itself too seriously. One of the best characters is a big white guy who speaks in a mix of English and Japanese. He shows up in the moral lessons so it’s probably better just to watch the video to get a true sense of how amazing he is. The other characters are great too, but I think Gordo is just a shining example of how laidback the show is.

On a very related note, I am currently practicing the Sazer-X dance.

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  1. agnes says:

    show me via skype!

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