That Works for Me 7.7.10

The wireless I had been stealing during my time here died on my today. I was emailing In-san about setting up a time to meet, so it was a rather unfortunate time to fail. Fortunately I realized I could call other departments after Ni-san gave me a call yesterday. I also asked Lion about the proper way to end phone calls in Japanese after not having a graceful way to end the same conversation with Ni-san.So during work I gave In-san a call and confirmed our plans to meet after work for Japanese/English conversation practice.

Around 8:00 PM I met up with In-san and we headed down to Imabari port to grab a snack at a diner. We pretty much just conversed and ate some tater tots that were served with a weird sauce, I think it might have been salsa. As we were talking In-san mentioned the email I had sent earlier. Apparently he could make heads or tails of anything I wrote. At the end of the email I wrote “Thursday works well for me.”, apparently he took it to mean that I had to work on Thursday. It was interesting to see where foreign speakers get tripped up on English. It took awhile to explain the nuances and uses of work in English.

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