Breaking Even 7.11.10

Today was pretty relaxed, I spent most of the day playing my new DS games and fiddling around with my new DVD drive. Around noon I went out to buy lunch from the local supermarket. As I was poking around the deli I saw some kakimaki, basically a giant sushi roll. I picked one up and as I was putting it in my basket an elderly lady next to me started striking up a conversation with me. I should note that I was listening to my Ipod at the time.

Lady: They’re (kakimaki) really cheap huh?
Me: … [taking off my headphones]
Lady: At this price you really have to buy them.
Me: Yeah…
Lady: Are you buying it for yourself?
Me: Yeah.
Lady: Make sure to cut it up when you get home and put the half that you’re not eating into the refrigerator OK?
Me: OK, I’ll do that, thank you.

Upon returning to the dorm I noticed a little girl by the staircase leading up to my room. She was running around a bit but stops when she notices me, and then just stares me down. The awkward part of this was she was on the other side of the stairs, so to get to my room I had to close the distance between us. While I make my way to the staircase she just stands there staring at me without moving a muscle. As I get closer I manage a wave and a half smile. Nothing.

So for whatever reason old ladies in Japan seem to like me while little girls seem to loathe my very existence. Does this count as breaking even?

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5 Responses to Breaking Even 7.11.10

  1. agnes says:

    I find it so odd and hard to understand/imagine re: this staring down game. Next time just stand there and stare back and see what happened??

  2. David says:

    Break-even means that girls in between “old” and “little” should like and love you. Say, someone at your age ?

  3. Aaron says:

    I wonder if the staring thing is cultural. In Japan, is it impolite to stare?

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