Katsu Curry 7.8.10

Starting off with a little background information; everyday I eat lunch with a group of 5 co-workers (6 including me). Today, the majority of them were either on business trips or taking the day off, so there were only three of us. Me, Shoe, and Hasamu.

Anyways, as we were talking we got onto the subject of food (surprise) and Shoe asked me how the breakfasts at Peach House were. Apparently he had lived there about 5 years ago and all they got was bread. From what I’ve gathered, the other meals were equally unimpressive. Fortunately for me, for whatever reason the quality of meals has really improved. We actually get a proper breakfast, and the dinners can actually be fairly extravagant. They’ve served steak, sashimi, and katsu curry. OK, katsu curry isn’t really extravagant, but it is amazingly delicious.

Speaking of which, when they asked me if there was anything I really wanted to eat I said katsu curry. They were a bit taken aback (like I said it’s not really extravagant) and immediately suggested CoCo Ichiban. Which, for those of you who don’t know, is a chain store. Now, when you think chain stores you usually don’t think good food, but CoCo Ichi is amazing…why can’t they have shops in America T_T
Anyways, we set tentative plans to hit up a CoCo Ichi so I could get my katsu curry fix.

Later that day I met with Ni-san at the dorms to practice English. He showed me some of the books he had been working with, it was pretty interesting to see. One that was particularly interesting was a book on pronunciation; it outlined all of the sounds in English that are difficult for most Japanese people to pronounce. After noticing that she and see were included on the list, I proceeded to torment him with tongue twisters. Which, retrospectively, doesn’t really help with the whole ‘learning English’ thing.

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3 Responses to Katsu Curry 7.8.10

  1. agnes says:

    co-workers (6 including me)
    shouldn’t you be saying (6 including myself)?

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