Kids Play This? 7.13.10

So I held another English class at work today. I decided to play a game based on their suggestions from last time. I poked around a bit on the internet trying to look for a good game and eventually decided on hangman. After I drew up the hanging post on the board and started explaining the game I was met with looks of absolute horror.

Me: So the point of the game is to try and guess the word in the blanks. You guess one letter at a time and try to fill in all the blanks. If the answer is right I fill in the blanks, but if it’s wrong. [drawing a head] I draw a part of a person here.

Co-workers: …
Lion: Is this a punishment game?
Me: Sorry?
Captain Crunch: You kill him? That’s horrible!
Me: Uh…yeah, if you miss too many times he gets hanged.
Lion: He suffocates to death?
Me: Well not really… usually there’s a lever here that someone pulls and then the guy drops through the platform. The idea is the force of the fall breaks his neck and kills him.
Co-workers: …
Me: So… shall we start?

After the initial shock they started having some fun with the game. I started with a couple of words but towards the end I had them go up and think of words to use. I thought they got over the violent undertones of the game, but at the end of class…

Lion: Do kids really play this game in America?
Me: Yeah, it’s pretty popular. They play it at a lot of schools.
Lion: …wow.

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One Response to Kids Play This? 7.13.10

  1. agnes says:

    why would you scare people like that!?

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