PachiNO 7.9.10

Trying to catch up with my back log of posts…

Going to Matsuyama tomorrow, the largest city on Shikoku. I’m going with some Captain Crunch, Mountain Bike, and Peaches.

During lunch the conversation, as it inevitably does, turned to pachinko. Pachinko is a type of gambling that is super popular in Japan, and apparently operated by Koreans. Why are they operated by Koreans? No one knows; and the fact that Pachinko doesn’t exist in Korea makes it even more suspect. Anyways upon striking the subject of pachinko they asked me if I wanted to go, not wanting to miss out on Japanese culture I agreed. Though any talk about me going to pachinko parlor is always accompanied with words of caution. Which pretty much sums up to “don’t go”.

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One Response to PachiNO 7.9.10

  1. David says:

    Pachinko is very addictive. There are stories that salarymen spent all their money and time before going home. Time is more important than money. Time with family and friends.

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