Find I Hop 7.20.10

I went on a run after work, after getting back to my apartment Ringtone came by to visit (I’ve decided to start creating random nicknames for people rather than using cryptic letters). We talked for a bit and I eventually ended up chilling in his room watching TV and helping him decipher an email he got from his pen pal in Greece. The contents of the letter were pretty normal, but some egregious errors in spelling in grammar made it difficult to read. The one that stuck out the most in my mind was:

“How you are? Find I hop.”

After explaining to Ringtone what I thought he meant to say (How are you? Fine I hope.), he commented on how English in America and English in Greece are very different. No, that’s not the problem here T_T

I watched a bit of TV while chatting with Ringtone, he also showed me that NHK has English voice overs for all their programs. The interesting part was that the narrators were all British trying to speak accent neutral English.

After parting ways with Ringtone, Captain Crunch came by to help me setup my internet. The plan was to connect a LAN cable from Captain Crunch’s room to my room via the balconies. We were all set to enact this plan, but a vital component was missing, the person who lived between our rooms. We found it fairly difficult to try and swing a LAN cable across someone else’s balcony -_-;

Potato then stopped by, so we could go grab something to eat. I delayed a bit because I wanted to finish get the internet setup so Captain Crunch, Potato, and I sat there scrategizing a way to get a cable across another balcony. We eventually decided we should just wait for the third guy to get back so I went to go grab some curry with Potato and Captain Crunch retreated to his room.

Following delicious curry and a mixed English/Japanese conversation, I returned to find the third musketeer had arrived. So we were able to successfully string a LAN cable across a balcony and after some trial and error, I got my internet setup.

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