Alley Cat 7.24.10

Today was the 22nd annual company bowling tournament. The company rented out a bowling alley, and people from the various sections came out to compete for a trophy and bragging rights; or just play a couple of free games and snag a goody bag. I was part of the latter.

Bowling alleys in Japan aren’t any different from alleys in America, the only real difference was that at the shoe check-out counter there were slots for returning shoes rather than handing them over to an employee.

There was a opening ceremony with the president of the company taking the trophy back from the previous winner and then giving some kind of speech. Though I wasn’t paying attention so I’m not really sure what he said, but I’m sure it was something inspiring about bowling and a comment about the weather.

There seems to be a finite number of topics that you can talk about in a corporate speech, making it so one can guess the contents of the speech just by the amount of time the speaker is talking. Two minutes? Comment about the weather and encouraging us to do our best. Five minutes? Comment about the weather, review of safety policy, and encouraging us not to slack off at work. Ten minutes? Comment about the weather and how to take precautions against said weather affecting our capacity to work and some encouraging words about revisiting our goals for the month and to do our best; ten minute speeches also culminate in someone poking me to see if I’m awake.

Anyways after the rousing speech about weather and bowling, the various teams set off to bowl a few practice games before the ‘tournament’ started. I should mention at this point that I’m total rubbish at bowling. I was doing worse than the Chinese interns that had never bowled before -_-;

After trying to figure out exactly what was doing wrong, I decided to approach it like every other difficulty I had encountered thus far in my life. I turned on some music and zoned out for awhile. I ended up getting a strike 😀

During the last game I was bored of trying to do well, so I just tried throwing it as hard as I could. This kind of caught on and resulted in us holding an impromptu contest… I lost 😦

After we had bowled our 3 games the company gave us bag full of snacks and sent us on our way. I spent the rest of the day devouring the snacks and playing video games guilt free. Bowling counts as exercise right?

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