Babel Fish 7.27.10

Today at work Captain Crunch gave me some emails he wanted translated from English to Japanese. I mentioned that my Japanese writing is comparable to that of a 5-year-old with learning disabilities, but he insisted that he would be able to decipher my writing well enough to make it into something intelligible.

Following a cursory review of the document, it struck me that a Japanese person wrote the English. Overall the quality was pretty good, but there were a few odd phrases and grammar points scattered about. The situation I was in reminded me of various translation faux pas. Nevertheless I set out translating the English into Japanese that would probably make pre-school teachers cry. There were some technical terms but I managed to remember enough from my earlier translation project to find a somewhat fitting Japanese equivalent.

I finished up the translations and had a bit of free time before Pogo-san gave me a new project. The project was to automate some data organization in Excel. I managed to figure out the basics of what I needed to do before the day ended, but I had no idea how to automate it -_-;
The fact that I could only use the wholly inadequate Excel help system didn’t really help either.

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One Response to Babel Fish 7.27.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    people made a living just by knowing how to operate excel, I took couple classes but so lost.

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