Bacehlord 7.29.10

Today, Captain Crunch and I were tasked with the job of purchasing the drinks for our office’s day camp. A day camp is basically a work outing that involves a large amount of food and alcohol. Captain Crunch said we would go out and buy the drinks after the Onamaku dance practice.
Dance practice was uneventful, the sensei was kind of late so we just danced in circles until he arrived. And when he arrived we just kept dancing in circles so he could make corrections. Exhilarating.

Around 7:45 I met Captain Crunch outside of the dorms and we drove into town to hit up the local liquor store. To our dismay, the shop was closed by the time we got there. Considering it was a liquor store, the shop held very weird hours. They opened at 10:00 AM and closed and 8:00 PM, it made me wonder who their primary clientele was. I mean, what kind of people need liquor at 10:00 AM more than they need it after 8:00 PM?

With Plan A being a bust, we switched to Plan B and headed towards the local supermarket. Captain Crunch was a little wary about the supermarket having enough alcohol, but we didn’t really have any other options at this point in time. We grabbed to shopping carts and proceeded to load them with copious amounts of alcohol. All the other shoppers looked at us in shock as we went through the aisles with two shopping carts full of beer and hard liquor. We had some juice too, but that no one seemed to care about that 😛
As we were buying the alcohol a thought came across my mind.

Me: So…where are we going to store all this until Saturday?
Captain: Hm? I was just going to put it in my room.
Me: All of this?
Captain: Yeah… there’s nowhere else.

I volunteered my room seeing as how I had an excess of nothing at the time. Captain Crunch agreed that this was a rather sensible course of action and when we got back to the dorms, we proceeded to jam pack my room full of libations. I must say the combination of Yenjamins on my desk and alcohol taking up a quarter of my room produced a rather peculiar feeling.
I eventually realized what that feeling was…a craving for Hot Pockets.

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4 Responses to Bacehlord 7.29.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    how odd!

  2. watanal says:

    Just as a side note, most liquor store hours in the US are 10am to 8pm….hahhahah a<3 😉

    • Cchan says:

      Really? So weird -_-
      Seems like it be beneficial to be open later.

      • watanal says:

        yeah….i know, right??? UGHHH at least that’s the stores in WA work… 😦 so many times i’ve had late night, impromptu parties RUINED because they close so early. LAME!!! HAhhaha

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