Day Camp 7.31.10

Today was our office’s day camp. Unfortunately Captain Crunch gave me the wrong time. I strolled into the dining room about 8:40 only to be greeted by a bunch of sighs of relief. Submarine, Chef, Nitro, and Rocky were grouped in a corner talking. Submarine informed me that Captain Crunch had told me the wrong meeting time, he told me to meet him at the office after breakfast. Sub also encouraged me to give Captain Crunch crap about telling me the wrong time.

After devouring my breakfast (I ate faster than Nitro and Rocky), I jetted over to the office to see if I could help with anything. I ran into Submarine while he was on his way to ferry some stuff over to the day camp location. He told me to go and find Mint Leaf and see if he needed any help. I went into the office and, after a brief search, found Mint Leaf. Apparently there wasn’t anything to do so we just sat at the entrance and talked for a bit. During this time Mint Leaf mentioned that Nitro and Rocky were kind of late. I went out to see if they were outside the dorms, but no luck.

Eventually I went to help load some ice into a truck for transport to the day camp site. While in the middle of loading, Nitro and Rocky found their way over to the office. After the truck was loaded me, Mint Leaf, Nitro, and Rocky sat at the front entrance waiting for Submarine to get back. Somehow we got on the subject of forced conscription in various countries. I’m not really sure how. I said that America still has it, but we just have it under a different name. Nitro didn’t understand what we were talking about. I tried explaining it in simple Japanese, then English, and eventually miming. I managed to get the message across through some brilliant miming (new career?) and managed to get a half-hearted answer out of Nitro. By the time I had finished my elaborate miming Submarine had arrived and we finally made our way to the day camp location.

Upon arriving I gave Captain Crunch crap and then proceeded to drink and eat. After awhile I decided to join the people who were going to the beach to swim. Almost no one brought a proper swimsuit, everyone just swam in whatever they were wearing. I ended up meeting some people from other sections and went through the whole self-introduction spiel again. Again, Colgan proved to difficult for them to remember/pronounce.

Nano: [Korogan? That’s hard to pronounce…]
Me: [You can just call me Chan, most people do.]
Driftwood: [John?]
Me: [Uh no, Chan.]
Driftwood: [It’s pretty much the same right?]
Me: T_T
So now, with the exception of Driftwood, everyone calls me Chan.

I’m too lazy to go into detail about the rest of the events that day so I’ll just list them:
• Driftwood gets buried in sand, I’m buried afterwards.
• I teach Submarine how to float in water while Anpan makes fun of him.
• Watermelon splitting
• Eat Yakisoba
• Eat shaved ice and take a nap

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2 Responses to Day Camp 7.31.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    judging from the pic you posted, too much work for a day camp!

  2. Aaron says:

    You taught Submarine how to float? I can’t get over the irony of this.

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