Moonday 7.26.10

So for the past couple of days at work I’ve been in limbo. I finished up my translation work and have had nothing to do since. I spent most of my time surfing the internet and studying Japanese. I asked if there was anything I could help with, apparently Pogo-san has a project he wants me to do but still has to finish the preparations. Till then I’m just surfing the web and reading blogs; not a bad job 😀

While eating dinner at the dorm I ran into Mountain Bike, Captain Crunch, and Ringtone. I was talking about sports with Mountain Bike and he mentioned that he was going to a beach volleyball tournament over the weekend and asked if I wanted to come. Repressing my memories of wally-ball, I agreed to the invitation. I was a bit worried about participating in a tournament considering I’ve never played volleyball on the beach before, but he assured me that it was just a friendly tournament. I figured at the least I could stand there and look threatening.

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