Yenjamins 7.28.10

My wireless internet was still down so I spent most of the day pressing random buttons on Excel to see what they did. Captain Crunch stopped my desk to see how the project was going, when I explained my dilemma he showed me about the macro feature of Excel. After that I spent the rest of the day using the Record Macro feature in Excel and poking random buttons to see what kind of code they produced. Much more productive XD

After work I as I was making to leave the building I was stopped by the receptionist. She said that someone wanted me to go back up to my office. I stood there for awhile trying to figure out who it was. The receptionist noticed my dumbfounded look and repeated the name. My mind churned at the random assortment of syllables that sprang forth but was unable to make any kind of meaningful connection. The receptionist then finally said a name I recognized, Shinkei-san; turns out she was saying Shinkei’s first name.

I headed back upstairs and was told that it was payday. Given that I only had about 3,000 yen left, this was most fortuitous news. I grabbed my hanko and went to the conference room to collect my pay. I was handed a rather indiscreet package and thanked for my hard work. Considering that I had spent the past few days surfing the web this made me feel a bit guilty -_-;

I must say that the feeling of getting a lump sum of cash is rather nice; all the employees get paid monthly via a big stack of cash. Though I can’t imagine how annoying it is for the company to do so, or the temptation for the person in charge of this to not sneak a few bills away for his/herself.

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One Response to Yenjamins 7.28.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    I want to see all that cash!

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