Hot Imabari 8.1.10

I woke up tired and sore. Having spent good amount time yesterday swimming and very little sleeping did not add up to a great morning for me. Nevertheless I gathered up my stuff and prepared for an early departure to another beach. Mountain Bike came by with Ice Tea and we began to make our way to the beach.

When we arrived I saw Spekko, a person from HR; he was one of the people that met me at the station my first day here. We exchanged greetings and then Mountain Bike, Ice Tea, and I made our way to our encampment for the day. Other people from Mountain Bike’s section had already found a spot so we just dropped our stuff there and proceeded to wander about; we still had about an hour or so until the tournament started. We killed time by playing around with a soccer ball on the beach and practicing a little bit before the tournament started. The only thing I could do well was block spikes, I think the fact that I’m about 6” taller than everyone else kinda helped.

When our first matched started I noticed we severely outnumbered our opponents. Only 4 people could play at once and most of the teams participating didn’t have any substitutes. We had about 16 people on our team. After every couple of points we would completely switch up our roster, kind of made teamwork difficult. We ended up winning only 1 game out of 4, which kind of sucked but it was still fun.
After the tournament we decided to grab some food at the local convenience store. Along the way Mountain Bike started daydreaming about picking up some girls at the beach. I would later find out that Mountain Bike is somewhat of a 女好き.

Following a lunch of convenience store bentos (the best kind), we wandered around the beach for a bit and eventually went for a swim. We tried to see how far out we could get on Mountain Bike’s inner tube, but didn’t make it that far before we stopped making any kind of discernable progress. While swimming we ran into one of Mountain Bike’s friends from Matsuyama. She mentioned that her team had made it to the final round of the tournament and invited us to watch their match. After cheering for their team (they lost) we packed up our things and headed back to the dorms.

Back in my room I cooked up the leftover meat I got from the daycamp and played some League of Legends. I decided it would be a good idea to stay huddled in a room for awhile considering I had gotten several shades darker in less than 24 hours of exposure to the sun. Plus the skin on my nose was starting to peel.

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2 Responses to Hot Imabari 8.1.10

  1. agnes says:

    what does 女好き mean?
    where is your sun block?? get at least 45 SUV and please use it. Its no joke you can get skin cancer and is getting very common these days because of O-zone thinning.

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