I’m Not Invincible 8.4.10

I had a half-day at work today. This would’ve been awesome if it wasn’t for the fact that they sent me home because I looked so miserable. I guess back-to-back days of baking in the sun and then a 5-hour excursion kind of took their toll on me. During lunch I scarfed down some medicine at work and then headed home to sleep. I ended up sleeping for about 5 hours.

When I woke up I took a few minutes to reorient myself and then headed down to the cafeteria for dinner. I ran into Butterfly in the cafeteria and helped him practice his English. Though after a few minutes it the conversation degraded into me ranting about the difficulties of learning languages. In the end I gave him some tips on how to improve, the main one being: don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Language teachers always tell their students that, and I think I’ve finally come to realize how frustrating it can be for them. Most of the people I’m teaching English to have taken some formal classes and built up a fairly strong vocabulary…but they’re too afraid of making mistakes. The majority of time when I speak to them in English, usually at their request, it quickly deteriorates into a Japanese conversation. It’s really awkward to keep speaking English when the only responses you get are in Japanese -_-;

Anyways, most of the people I talk to can create intelligible English sentences, but they’re so obsessed with having perfect grammar and pronunciation that they falter after they get a few words into their sentence. I always emphasize that their goal should be to get me to understand what their saying rather than trying to sound like a native speaker. I kind of reinforce this by telling them that sometimes people don’t think I’m a native speaker of English. It irks me whenever people tell me “Your English is really good!” Yeah…don’t mind the fact that I’ve lived in America my entire life >:|

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6 Responses to I’m Not Invincible 8.4.10

  1. dyshin says:

    Your – Possessive Pronoun. Used to indicate the second party’s possession of a trait or object.

    You’re – Contraction of ‘you are’.

    • Cchan says:

      If I said that was for the purpose of irony would you believe me?

      • dyshin says:


        Well, have you used that as a lesson yet? Understanding homonyms would be a big help.

      • Cchan says:

        Yeah, I’ve done it here and there. I’ve mainly been doing listening practice since they seem to have a bit of trouble keeping up with a normal English conversation. I’ve given them a brief overview of the common contractions that Americans use in speech. It’s kind of hard to keep anything consistent though, I only meet with them for an hour each week -_-

  2. Aaron says:

    While we’re on a grammar binge, this sentence has some errors: “This would’ve been awesome if it wasn’t for the fact that they sent me home because I looked so miserable.”

    I believe this is the subjunctive mood and so would be better phrased as “This would’ve been awesome if it weren’t for the fact that they sent me home…”

    • Cchan says:

      I’ll take this opportunity to mention that there are grammar mistakes in my other posts as well…I’m too lazy to fix them though.

      Maybe I should have some kind of contest or something…

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