Awkward People In The Back 8.5.10

I’ve mostly gotten over my cold, but I’m still a bit sleepy.

We had our final dance practice for the Onmaku festival today. There were a lot more people since this was kind of the make-or-break practice for everyone who was going to participate in the festival. Compared to the people who showed up at the other practices, our number had quadrupled.

When it came time to start practice Catbert gathered everyone up and asked people who knew the dance to stand at the front. Now, at this point I was pretty confident that I knew the dance, but I was unsure about the cultural etiquette here. For those of you who are unaware, seniority is a pretty big thing in Japan. The way you address people and speak to them changes based on your respective ranks. And as far as ranks go, I’m among the lowest. So I thought going up might be a bit of an insult to the other people -_-

After some awkward silence and shuffling Catbert eventually had the girls line up in the front and started the dance practice. We marched around the lot and make really awkward turns whenever we ran out of room. After circling the two times Sensei showed up and led the dance. After practicing a couple more times we called it a day and Catbert brought out a cooler full of drinks.

Now all that’s left is the real performance.

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One Response to Awkward People In The Back 8.5.10

  1. agnes says:

    would be nice if you can show it in the video.

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