Imabari Onmaku 8.7.10

Today was the Onmaku Festival. Beforehand I went out with Captain Crunch and Pirate to get a cell phone.

We went to a place called Yamada Denki to look at their cell phones. Yamada Denki, while an electronics shop, sells almost everything. They had a snacks and homecare aisle as well as a section dedicated to children’s toys. After browsing through the phones we eventually decided on getting a Soft Bank phone, this phone had the particular advantage of not costing over $300 so I was quite pleased.

Registering the phone took awhile, so the clerk told us we could wander off until she had finished the annoying paper work-y stuff. I took the opportunity to browse their game collection and play some Sankoku Basura (Dynasty Warriors).

After finishing up the last of the registration paperwork and pretending to understand all the contractual obligations the lady told me about, we made our way home. We stopped by at McDonald’s for some lunch, I wanted to get a Mega Mac but I didn’t see it anywhere on the menu 😦
While eating lunch I also recorded Captain Crunch’s and Pirate’s number in my cell phone.

Following a short reprieve at the dorm, Captain Crunch and I made our way to Imabari for the Onmaku Festival. After we parked at a local school, we made our semi-long trek towards the festival grounds. I should mention that my costume was giving me some problems, namely my pants kept sliding down.

We met up with Eromatsu at a convenience store right next to the festival. Captain Crunch went in to the convenience store while I stood outside with Eromatsu. I told him about my grievances with the uniform.

Me: These pants are really annoying…they keep falling down.
Eromatsu: Are you tying them right?
Me: I think so [proceeds to re-tie pants]
Eromatsu: Wait, why are you… I think you’re wearing them backwards.
Me: What? Captain Crunch told me this was the right way.
Eromatsu: Yeah… you’re wearing them backwards.

[Upon informing Captain Crunch]

Captain Crunch: Hm? It fits fine for me.
Damn you Captain Crunch.

After fixing my pants (So much better) we headed off towards the goody tent to pick up our free food and drinks. We wandered around the festival for a little bit and eventually met up with the rest of the people from our company to get ready for the dance.

At Onmaku a bunch of groups dance along the road that runs through the festival. There are actually dance competitions throughout the entire day, but I was unaware of that at the time. Anyways, groups of people from various companies dance single file down the road to the same music and same dance. There are variations on the dance based on the company, but they’re essentially the same. One group did have flashing necklaces though, that was pretty cool.

After the first round of dancing we took a break and the company handed out a bunch of drinks. But the relaxed atmosphere was quickly ruined.

Angry Drunk Guy: Why isn’t here any beer?!
At first I thought he was joking…but his tone made it hard to tell. However, his next action quickly settled the issue.
Angry Drunk Guy: Where’s the beer?!

Angry Drunk Guy smashed a glass bottle he was holding on the pavement and continued to rant about the lack of alcoholic refreshments. Unfortunately his display caught the attention of a couple pedestrians and a police officer. After being reprimanded by the police officer, a couple of people from the company hauled him off to a more remote location while others set about cleaning up the mess he made on the sidewalk.
The dangers of alcohol kids.

The aftermath resulted in some awkward shuffling and whispered conversations. The people from our company eventually recovered and we headed off to the shotengai for the second half of our act.

Hasamu came up with the idea of adding a jump to one of our dances. Seeing as how I’d been doing the exact same dance for the past hour I was completely on-board with the idea of adding some variety. Going through the shotengai proved to be a bit more challenging because of the little kids running right next to us while we were dancing. Though what happened at the end of the shotengai dance pretty much made up for all little kids running around.

Towards the end I came up with a new move to incorporate into the dance, unfortunately I didn’t have any time to tell anyone about my idea. However, just a few steps before the end of the dance I locked eyes Yoshi, the person dancing in front of me, and there was a moment of complete mutual understanding. The next time we jumped in the dance Yoshi spun around and we high-fived in mid-air. The heads of the kids in the local vicinity exploded into cotton candy from the waves of raditude we emitted.
It was awesome.

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4 Responses to Imabari Onmaku 8.7.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    wish I were there! Onmaku Festival, english version is………..celebration of ?

    • Cchan says:

      It might mean Big Festival, but I’m not sure. I was at a used car salesman earlier and he said that Onmaku is/was slang for very, a lot, super, etc. The co-workers I was with didn’t even know it was a real word.

  2. dyshin says:

    What kind of phone did you get?
    What are the rates on your contract like?

    Most importantly: No MEGA Mac? Tell me it’s because you’re out in the boonies…

    • Cchan says:

      I got a Softbank cell phone it’s pretty basic and comes with a background that has “Jellybean” written all over it, I think that’s the name of the phone too. It’s got an infrared and a camera, nothing too flashy.

      As far as the megamac goes…it might have been an off menu thing? I’ll try again the next time I happen upon a McDonalds.

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