Sobayaki 8.8.10

Today I decided to check out a shop near the dorm that had piqued my interest for some time. The shop had a train car attached to their building from which they served burgers and soft drinks. And the inside of the store…well I wasn’t really sure what they sold there.

On this particular day the train part of the store wasn’t open so I just went into the main shop. At first I thought it was a bakery, but all of the goods were premade. As I browsed the merchandise, the man at the register told me that I could order something off the menu as well. The menu was a piece of paper in a plastic sleeve, almost everything in the menu was written in Katakana with the majority of the food products being burgers. Not really in the mood for a burger, I decided to get a Sobayaki. I wasn’t kind of wary that it was kind of Gaijin trap since I’d only ever heard the term Yakisoba before.

After placing my order the man at the register shuffled to the back where the kitchen was. It was then that I noticed the severity of his back problem, I felt kind of bad making him work -_-

A couple minutes later an old lady came out with my order, wrapped it up, and handed it to me. The packaging was pretty extravagant, it made me feel like Christmas had come early as I was unwrapping it. The sandwich itself was essentially yakisoba with hotdog slices, it was delicious. I’m making plans to try out their entire menu.

-A quick Wikipedia search shows that Sobayaki is Yakisoba with sauce on it. I thought Yakisoba already has sauce on it -_-;

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3 Responses to Sobayaki 8.8.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    love surprises!

  2. dyshin says:

    I am also confused by the sobayaki, just as I don’t understand the difference between “chahan” and “yakigohan”, which are both fried rice. In both cases, though, I don’t care because it is all delicious.

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