Company Commercial


Found out from Beer that our company has a commercial. The song in the commercial is the company song I mentioned in an earlier post.
The people that appear in the commercial all work at BEMAC. I’m pretty sure Catbert and Peaches are in the CM. Catbert is the guy that sprints past the salayman to go talk with the foreigner. And Peaches appears in the meeting scene at 00:18, he’s the one on the far right next to the girl pointing at the table super intensely with a pen.

Also, for those who are curious, a translation of the song:

With reliable technology
and overflowing passion


With the power to support ships all over the world


Looking towards the future.
With neverending confidence.

Uzushio Denki BEMAC

Note: BEMAC is the company’s international name because Uzushio Denki is too hard for non-Japanese people to say. Just like how Matsushita Denki changed their name to Panasonic.

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2 Responses to Company Commercial

  1. Aaron says:

    I played the commercial for my Japanese girlfriend to translate for me what the company does. She couldn’t really figure it out from the commercial. Funny how generic corporate commercials are universally ambiguous.

    • Cchan says:

      Yeah, the only line that actually hints at what the company does is: With the power to support ships all over the world. Everything else is just flashy idealism.

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