Shoulder Surfer 8.12.10

Today I left for Osaka. Unfortunately my original plan had factored in on Peaches helping me get there, but with him suddenly taking ill I was kind of on my own. Luckily, towards the end of the workday Captain Crunch and Ashtray helped me with the preplanning. I ended up with a bunch of printouts about how to get to the ferry docks.

My first stop was the Hashihama train station. Since I’m out in the boonies a lot of the train stations here don’t have any attendants. Because of this, you purchase your train ticket when you get on the train. I hopped on the train, paid for my ticket, and waited until I got to my destination, Imabari Station. I had about an hour or two to kill until the bus to the ferry dock came so I wandered around a bit. Most of the shops were closed by this time (6:30 PM) but I did find some cool wall art.

The message next to it said that the artist had hidden 7 hearts in the art and that if you found all seven “you would find happiness (maybe)”. Seeing as all the shops were closed, I spent most of my time trying to find all the hearts. By the time I left I had found 6 of the 7, it kind of hurt leaving without finding the last heart.

The bus ride to the ferry docks took about 30 minutes, and when I got there I was greeted with a crowd of people scrambling around to buy tickets. I was about to get in line when I noticed everyone was filling in forms before getting in line. I grabbed one of the forms to fill out…well tried to fill it out. I could only make out half of the kanji on the sheet and was a bit uncertain about which sections I had to fill out. There was a section for entering your reservation number, your vehicle details, contact information, which kind of accommodation you wanted. I was a bit worried about what to do when I had the excellent idea of copying off of other people’s forms. I jumped in line with my haphazardly filled out form and bought my ticket for the fairy (I bought the cheapest one).

The ferry itself was pretty extravagant, there was a game room, TV room, public bath, and cafeteria. I ended up wandering around a bit before retiring to my room. Though I say ‘my’ there were about 12 other strangers there. Luckily there weren’t many passengers on the boat so I had quite a bit of room to myself. I set up my little camp and killed some time reading manga before I finally fell asleep. Though right as I was falling asleep I realized I didn’t know what time the ferry was arriving in Osaka -_-;

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2 Responses to Shoulder Surfer 8.12.10

  1. dyshin says:

    Yeah, the ferries are pretty nice, aside from having everyone sleep side-to-side military-style if you buy one of the cheap seats. The ferry I rode back from Hokkaido had buffets of surprisingly great quality for brunch and dinner. I swear, they were serving us seafood that they fished right out of the water onto the boat.

    • Cchan says:

      Yeah, there was no one sleeping beside me so it was pretty nice. I’m not sure about the quality of food on the place since I ate before I got on and I got off before breakfast time.
      I wonder how much they rely on the amount of fish they get in transit…

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