The Finer Points 8.21.10

This morning was the inter-company bowling tournament, take two. Though it was really more of a ‘let’s bowl some more’ considering there weren’t any prizes to be won or ceremonies to be bored by. I managed to improve my score a bit compared to last time, but I still can’t break 100 points.

Following my slightly less abysmal display of ball rolling prowess, I went to the Imabari Community Center with Captain Crunch and Mountain Bike for the Imabari Jazz Festival. The festival spanned Saturday and Sunday with some well-known bands performing on Sunday. We ended up sitting in on a competition between high school jazz clubs. The performances were entertaining, but my favorite part was the awkward interview the MC conducted after each performance. While the group would be packing up their stuff the MC would make a quick announcement and then hunt down one of the many students trying to flee the stage. The range of responses to the MC’s questions ranged from 「楽しかった」to「緊張しましたが楽しかった」which roughly translates to “It was fun” and “I was nervous, but it was fun”, respectively. I’m fairly certain I witnessed the birth of future Japanese T.V. personalities.

After the watching the performances we decided to go check out a used car dealership; Mountain Bike was in the process of buying a car. The used car shop was completely different from what I was accustomed to. They didn’t really have a lot to speak of, and the few cars scattered about didn’t seem to be in operating condition. The owners came out, greeted us, and invited us inside. For the most part, it seemed like the people there used online databases to search for cars that matched Mountain Bike’s needs; there were also a lot of car catalogs for people to leaf through lying around the shop.

At some point in the conversation it was revealed that I was from America, one of the guys there told me to take this opportunity to learn as many weird words as I could. He started me off with どならえ, essentially a local version of “Oh my god”. He also enlightened our group to the fact that おんまくwas old slang that was equivalent to 超 (the English equivalent of adding ‘super’ in front of a word). As I left he gave me a novelty tire clock to commemorate my visit to Japan (it’s on my work desk now) and made sure that I was using the proper pronunciation of どならえ.
After our car shopping adventure we decided to stop off for a local specialty, pork and egg over rice. On our way to the restaurant Mountain Bike mentioned that the nearby convenience store had a cute attendant. He then proceeded to list off all of the convenience stores in the area with cute workers and which chain had the best uniforms. Captain Crunch and I were a bit taken aback at this deluge of information.

Captain Crunch: You know a lot about the local convenience stores.
Me: Yeah… that’s stalker-level information.
Mountain Bike [in English]: I’m not a stalker! I’m a…dictator!

Turned out the word he was looking for was detective.

After dinner we actually stopped by the convenience store to pick up some food for breakfast. Upon seeing the worker, Captain Crunch described her as being 「普通にかわいい」which translates to generally/averagely cute; I’m still not really sure what that means.
On the drive back to the dorms the conversation continued…

Mountain Bike: Yeah, she was average cute, but the one that works at — is really pretty. The type you could fall in love with at first sight.
Me: Did you fall in love with her?
Mountain Bike: What?!

At this point I fulfilled my promise to the used car guy about learning weird Japanese words. I had just stumbled upon the word for rape, but not any kind of rape, man-on-man rape. For a quick explanation, I conjugated the verb ほれる (to fall in love with) incorrectly.

What I should have said was:
彼女にほれられた? = Did you fall in love with her?
Instead I said:
彼女にほられた? = Did you get raped by her (him?)?

Oh and for those interested (and who wouldn’t be), the man-on-girl version is おかす.
It was a nice learning experience.

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One Response to The Finer Points 8.21.10

  1. agnes says:

    thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning! knowing and using a language is quite different, I see.

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