Choppy 9.3.10

10:00 AM, time for a break.

I tidy up my desk a little and then reach into my bag for my wallet. I slip the wallet nonchalantly into my pocket and head for the door. I scan the office as I plod along towards the door; everyone is completely fixated on their computer screens. I crack open the door to the staircase and slip out as quietly as I can. As I stealthily close the door behind me, I’m greeted by someone in the staircase.

Super Secret Person Who Crept Up On Me While I Was Trying To Leave The Office Relatively Unnoticed And Kind Of Scared Me But Not Really Because I Have An Image To Maintain: Hi Colgan.
Me: Oh, hi Pirate.

Pirate and I make small talk for a bit until we eventually hit on the subject of English and English related activities.

Pirate: Yeah, there used to be a lot more foreigners in this area. Most of them were employed by a big English language school near the train station.
Me: Oh really? I didn’t think that many foreigners would come out here to the country.
Pirate: There were a lot, and they came from a lot of places. The school was really popular too, until it was shutdown.
Me: Shutdown? What happened?
Pirate: The president of the company was involved in some…shady things.
Me: Oh…
Definitely drugs.
Pirate: Anyways, I have some friends who get together and practice English every once in awhile. Would you be interested in joining us?
Me: Yeah, that sounds fun.
Pirate: Alright, I’ll call your cell phone next time.
Ah crap…where did I put that thing
Me: Ah OK, but I’m not really good about answering my cell phone.
Is it in my bag? Maybe I left it in the dorm?
Pirate: That’s no good! You have to answer if I call.
Me: I’ll try my best…
Isn’t even charged? Where did I put the charger…

Putting aside my myriad worries concerning my cell phone I bid goodbye to Pirate after promising one more time to answer my cell phone. I then made my way up the staircase to the building’s break room. I stumbled inside to find Mint.

Mint: Having an English conversation seems fun.
Me: Ah, yes. (He walked by while I was talking to Pirate) But it’s kind of normal for me…
Mint: That’s true. Maybe I should try speaking more English too, but Japanese people are pretty bad at it right?
Me: Well, the people I’ve met are really good at grammar and writing, but not so good with conversations.
Mint: Yeah, we all speak really choppy right?
Me: Choppy? (This was a Japanese word I didn’t know)
Mint: Yeah, it originally came from a word that referred to chopping things up.
Me: Ah~

I finished up my conversation with Mint and headed back down to the office. After settling into my desk, Captain Crunch came by to talk to me.

Captain Crunch: Chan-san, have you heard of the movie ビイオハザード?
Me: Sorry? Baia-wha?
Captain Crunch: ビイオハザード. Ah, it has a different name in the US huh?
Me: Uh…maybe?

バイオハザード = Biohazard = Resident Evil

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6 Responses to Choppy 9.3.10

  1. agnes says:

    you got it from me? where is my cell? it didn’t ring! u left a message?

  2. David says:

    Glad to see you posting again. Very interesting observation !

  3. Ina says:

    I will kind of admit that I was kind of jealous when you kind of left to Japan.

    But reading this blog makes me feel better. =)
    I like Pirate and Mint from September.

    • Cchan says:

      Yeah, Pirate and Mint are cool people. I’m getting a little better at conversing with Mint, but there are still a lot of times where I just nod along without a clue as to what he’s talking about.
      Just earlier he started talking about the costs of fighter jets and warships, took me awhile before I could figure it out.

  4. dyshin says:

    You mean バイオハザード

    also: pffffft, you didn’t know what the Japanese title for the game was? クリス レッドフィールド would be ashamed of you.

    • Cchan says:

      I knew what the Japanese name of the game was バイオハザード, I’m just not used to hearing it said in Japanese…

      Plus, I’m just not good with Katakana in general. It takes me so long to try and figure out which English word they’re trying to emulate.

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