Exit Strategy 9.4.10

“You have to get a Japanese girlfriend.”

Beer blurted out his one-sided conclusion as we made the long drive to Takayama.

Me: And why the sudden need for me to get a girlfriend?
Beer: It’s the best way to improve your Japanese right?
Me: That’s what people say…
Beer: Do you not like Japanese girls?
{I’m actually asked this quite a bit}
Me: I don’t really care either way. As long as it is someone I get along with.
{And have since learned to respond like this.}
Beer: Then who do you get along with?
He doesn’t give up T_T
Me: (thinking back on yesterday) I get along pretty well with Annie.
Beer: Great! She doesn’t have a boyfriend, I’ll hook you up.
Me: (thinking back even more on yesterday) No thanks…I don’t want to get killed by dodgeballs.

Beer contemplated a bit more on my response until I finally dissuaded him from ‘acting on my behalf’. However, he seemed discontent to let the subject drop so I tried to move the focus away from me.

Me: How about you, do you have a girlfriend?
Beer: Me? No.
Me: Have your eye on anyone in the company then?
Beer: There is one…but she’s married.
Me: Ah, that’s too bad.
Beer: Yeah, Imabari is too small. If we dated we would get caught immediately.
Me: That’s the problem?!
Beer: Yeah, no matter where we go someone would see us. Library, supermarket, karaoke etc.
Me: You’ve put a lot of thought into this huh?

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2 Responses to Exit Strategy 9.4.10

  1. dyshin says:

    1. Call her Maria.
    2. Sing ‘My Favorite Things’ around her
    3. ?????
    4. Profit

    • Cchan says:

      Wouldn’t serenading a girl with songs from a musical make my life into a musical of sorts? I’m kind of scared of the eventual consequences. Every time I want to express my feelings I’ll have to go into some kind of song and dance routine…it would get ugly.

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