Avoid The Noid 10.30.10

I have been craving for pizza lately. Unfortunately the kind of pizza commonly found in Japan is a far cry from its heart-clogging brethren in America. Whilst I was sharing my dilemma with Mountain Bike he suggested that we visit a famous pizza place in Imabari.

Mountain Bike: There is a really good pizza place in Imabari, all my friends say the pizza there is delicious. Let’s go there next time.
Me: That sounds great.
Mountain Bike: Yes, it will be just like the pizza in America. Please look forward to it.
Me: I love you.
Mountain Bike: Well maybe not exactly like it…but it will be good.
Me: But you just said…
Mountain Bike: Well, I haven’t really been there myself, but I think it will be good.
Me: …

With those ambivalent statements we gathered a group of adventurous Uzushio workers (Mountain Bike, Butterfly, Peaches, and me) and set out to the (supposed) best pizza place in Imabari. The place was decorated with an Italian theme, which gave me some hope for the quality of pizza here. We sat down at a table and proceeded to pour over the menu.

Mountain Bike: Which should we order first? Pasta? Pizza?
Me: Well you order the pizza first right?
Mountain Bike: I guess you could do that…
Me: Well everyone shares the pizza right? So it’s probably best to decide on that first.
Mountain Bike: OK…
Me: So, is there anything you guys can’t eat.
Butterfly: …? Not really, but why does that matter?
Me: Well were ordering a pizza and…

Then I noticed the prices. A large was ~1,000 yen ($10). Everyone started picking out which pizza they wanted. I had a bad feeling.

The waiter came. We placed our orders. Everyone ordered their own pizza. In the largest size available. The pizza came.


The pizza was personal size, I could count the number of toppings on it with one hand.
Everyone Not Me: Wow! This looks delicious!

Colgan needs pizza badly.

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4 Responses to Avoid The Noid 10.30.10

  1. dyshin says:

    Does Pizza-la still have the pizza with the cheese dipping sauce so you can put cheese on your cheese so you can cholesterol while you cholesterol?

  2. Ina says:

    I pity the person who has been dubbed Butterfly.

    • Cchan says:

      Yeah, his nickname actually comes from a different reading of the kanji in his last name. Though I’m so used to the nickname now that I always get confused when people use his actual name -_-;;

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