Death March 10.23.10

Running shoes != walking shoes

Today was the second day of the 3 Day March, and the first half of the 80 km course. I decided to get off to a good start by only getting about an hour of sleep and skipping breakfast. Screw Wheaties.

I went down to the first floor of the dorms at about 5:00 AM to meet up with Gastly. The plan was to drive to Imabari station and then get on the bus that would take us to the starting point of the marathon. At the station we met up with the third person joining us on the march, Iron Man.

The beginning of the marathon started out innocently enough. We arrive at the starting point, registered, listened to a speech, and got some pictures with the local street safety mascot, Wataru. After the marathon started we immediately headed to the ferry dock to cross the river and begin the march in earnest. Since not a whole lot happened along the way (pretty much just walking, talking, and eating), I’ll just summarize the main points.

1 km – Starting off on a ferry? That seems kind of weird for a march.
5 km – All of the participants are elderly. I almost feel bad for passing them…
10 km – Man time is going by pretty quick. I wonder how early we can finish if I pick up the pace a bit, I don’t want to leave the other two behind though…
15 km – Now this is starting to feel like a workout. Almost halfway there.
20 km – Hmm. My legs seem to be getting progressively worse. Were about halfway though, maybe we’ll take a break soon.
25 km – We haven’t taken a break yet. How much farther is it? 15 km. OK, I can do it. Just don’t think about the excruciating pain in your legs. Crap.
30 km – Goal? Oh that’s not ours….still 10 km. I’ll just sit down for a bit. Eh? Time to go already. Alright I’ll just *erk* My legs won’t bend…
35 km – Can’t stop clown will eat me. Can’t stop clown will eat me. Can’t stop clown will eat me.

-At the actual goal-
Gastly: How are you feeling Chan-san?
Me: I can’t feel my legs.
Gastly: Really? I wouldn’t mind walking another 10 or 20 km; think you’ll be OK for tomorrow?
Me: I don’t know. I can’t feel my legs.
Gastly: I’m sure after a good night’s sleep you’ll be fine.

They had a questionnaire for the participants to fill out at the end as well. It asked if I would do this course again.
I felt like they were mocking me.

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2 Responses to Death March 10.23.10

  1. agnes chow says:

    oh, that’s why people start out slow!
    consider you don’t have the right gear, you done a superb job!

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