El Tigre Chino

Tigre is an employee from our company’s branch in China. He’s here for training or experience…or something. Every year the company sends some people from Japan to the branch in China and vice versa. I guess it’s to help strengthen the bond between people in the company.
Anyways, Tigre speaks of bit of English and Japanese but isn’t particularly fluent in either; this hasn’t stopped him from trying to tell us Chinese jokes though.

Tigre: [Trying to contain his laughter] I know a good Chinese joke.
Me: Sweet, let’s hear it.
Tigre: OK… uh…. Tiger is… Hello Kitty
Me: Huh? Hello Kitty?
Tigre: Erm…not angry tiger is. Hello Kitty!
Me: …
Tigre: [laughing to himself] Get it?
Me: Not in the slightest.

A couple of days later in the cafeteria…

Tigre: Uh…not happy tiger…
Mountain Bike: Not happy tiger?
Me: Sad tiger?
Tigre: [Gesturing happily] Yes! Sad tiger is Hello Kitty!
Me: [to Mountain Bike] Do you get it?
Mountain Bike: No…
Me: I wonder if it’s the cultural gap…
Mountain Bike: That joke your dad told was funny. The bear one!
Tigre: Bear?
Me: What should you do if you see a bear?
Tigre: Play dead!
Me: Run faster than your friend.
Tigre & Mountain Bike: [laughing]

Me: Alright, it seems like American jokes work; how about Japanese jokes?
Mountain Bike: Uh… I don’t think the Japanese have any jokes.
Me: What?
Mountain Bike: [to another guy in the cafeteria] Do you know any Japanese jokes?
Other Guy: [pondering] No…
Mountain Bike: See!
Me: That’s sad… I can say one thing though.
Mountain Bike: What?
Me: America wins. Booyah.

I don’t understand why people don’t like Americans.

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5 Responses to El Tigre Chino

  1. agnes says:

    yes, the bear joke is funny!

  2. agnes says:

    do they get your American jokes in your English classes?

  3. Ina says:

    BAHAHAH the hello kitty jokes!

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