Company Trip 11.6.10

Time stood still. The sound of the ocean, the rocking of the boat, the whirring of the slot machines, everything stopped. It’s eyes stared at me from the glass, they were begging me to free it from its prison. The crane slowly lowered and clamped on its body.

Me: Woo-hoo!
The cyndaquil made its way to the slot in the shaky grasp of the claw and finally into my awaiting hands.

The people from our branch were currently on a ferry heading towards our final destination, Hakata. Most of the people from our company were in the rooms that the tour company had reserved for us. They were either sleeping, drinking, gambling, or some combination of the three. I should mention that the approximate travel time from Imabari to Hakata was about 7 hours. We were about 3 hours in.

After getting off the ferry we stopped for some lunch, it was Yakiniku. I ended up seated with the section chiefs along with Captain Crunch. It was here that Captain Crunch received some cooking tips from Master Chief.

Master Chief: What are you doing? Stop flipping the meat so much.
Captain Crunch: Sorry.
Master Chief: It’s the charcoal that cooks it, not the flames! What’s the point of being smart if you’re not going to use your brain?
Captain Crunch: Sorry.
Master Chief: Why the hell aren’t you talking back to me? You said say something like “I’m doing you a favor!” or “Shut up old man!”
Captain Crunch: …

After another couple hours of travel, and a brief stop at a sake factory, we finally arrived at our hotel. We were given about an hour to rest before we headed out to dinner. After we had taken our seats a bunch of women in white suits marched in and introduced themselves. From their introduction, and a bit of consultation with Captain Crunch, I came to the conclusion that they were something close to hostesses. In any event, their main goal was to coerce as many people into consuming as much alcohol as possible. It worked -_-;

I think I’m starting to get a bit drunk
Hostess: Here! Drink some more!
Me: But I…
Hostess: Come on, you’ve drunk so little so far!
Me: Well…I guess I could drink a little bit more…
Hostess: That’s the spirit!

(20 minutes later)
OK, having trouble focusing on one spot…should probably stop
Hostess: Oh, your glass is empty.
Me: Actua…
Hostess: Here you go!
Me: Oh, thanks…

(10 minutes later)
Me: Blarrrgh
Toilet: You dumb.
Me: Shut up! Blarrgh

I hid outside the room chugging water for the rest of the night OTL

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3 Responses to Company Trip 11.6.10

  1. agnes says:

    what happens to “my liver is bad’, “I have liver disease” excuse? girls must be very persuasive, sucker!

  2. dyshin says:

    Pictures of Cyndaquil or it didn’t happen

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