Lost In Osaka 11.20.10

I’ve noticed that the more confident I am in my ability to do something, the more likely it is that I will fail horribly. Pride comes before the fall as they say.

Anyways, my parents were due to fly into Japan today and I was to meet them in Osaka. They said they would be in the area around 1 or 2 PM. Since getting to Osaka from Imabari takes about 4 hours I woke up around 8 in the morning to catch the train from Imabari station. I knew the name of the hotel where my parents were staying, but I didn’t bother writing down the exact address, because I figured I could just ask for directions when I got there (ohohoho).

Though I realized, while talking to a fellow passenger, that I had no clue where I was going to actually meet up with my parents. I mean, I knew the hotel they were staying at but what if they weren’t in their room? It dawned on me that I had no actual way of contacting them once I got in the area. I was a bit worried, but figured I would have more than enough time to reach the hotel before they did. According to the schedule, I was due to arrive in Osaka about an hour before they did.

Upon reaching Osaka prior, I hopped on the subway to Nanba, where the hotel was located. Upon arriving I took a quick glance at the local map and set out in the direction of the hotel. Or so I thought. I was walking for about 10 minutes before I was beset upon by girls in maid outfits and china dresses avidly trying to drag people off the street and into their prospective stores. It was around this time that I realized I was lost and stopped by a local convenience store to ask for directions.

Protip: Lawson’s is the best convenience store chain in Japan.

The clerk at Lawson’s kindly informed me that I was about a 20 minutes away from where I was supposed to be. Whoops. Now with a vague idea of where I should be headed I set out once again.
And 30 minutes later I realized I was lost again.

I stopped by another convenience store to ask for directions, this time a 7-11. The clerk didn’t seem to know which hotel I was talking about at first, but after pulling out a map pointed me in the right direction. I later found out that he pointed me in the wrong direction.

This pattern of walking, getting lost, and stopping by a convenience store for directions repeated itself for about 2 hours. By the time I got to the hotel it was 3:00 PM. The hotel was about a 5 minute walk away from the station I originally arrived at. On the bright side I had lots of time to reflect on my past travels during my two hour escapade. This internal dialogue led me to the conclusion that I have 3 basic states while travelling.

1) Lost.
2) Lost and hungry.
3) Lost, hungry, and tired.

This also explains why I was so bad at Orienteering.

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6 Responses to Lost In Osaka 11.20.10

  1. David says:

    You are better most men who never ask for directions.

    • Cchan says:

      Unfortunately my sense of direction is so bad I get lost immediately after asking for directions. It gets to the point where I have to just wander for a bit until I get to a place where the directions will actually be different.

  2. agnes says:

    still you were there before we arrived! missed you, had been watching the taichi pictures I took of you for the last 2 hours…while trying to organize our Japan pic at the same time!

    • Cchan says:

      I’ve gotten really lazy about taking pictures…
      Also my camera’s flash no longer works so I can’t take pictures in areas that aren’t completely lit by external sources.

  3. agnes says:

    your camera is less than a year old!

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