The Return of Kubo 11.18.10

The Return of Kubo 11.18.10
Kubo came back this week, and had about 3 days before he left for China again. So on his last day in Japan we had a drinking party. As a note, the only way to celebrate anything in Japan is with a drinking party; I would only be mildly surprised if baby showers included drinking as well.

Anyways, after work Captain Crunch, Tigre, and I all pile into the Captain’s car and head off towards the restaurant. On the way I somehow get into a conversation about religions with Captain Crunch. During this conversation I enlightened Captain Crunch about the Dalai Lama; and realized that approximately 98% of my knowledge about the Dalai Lama came from an episode of King of the Hill. I decided to leave that part out.

After finishing the opening ceremony, which in someone stands up and tells everyone why we’ve gathered, we began eating. Kubo was talking a bit about his work was going when someone asked him if he had picked up a lot of Chinese.

Kubo: Not really, I know a few phrases: “I love you”, “Are you free later?”, “How are you?”…
Me: …what kind of work are you doing again?
Kubo: XD

From there the conversation turned to how Captain Crunch’s English was progressing.

Me: It’s OK…but he never really speaks in English. It’s always part English and part Japanese.
Kubo: You have to force him to speak in English from now on!
Me: That’s true. Alright Captain Crunch, from now on I’ll only speak in English.
Captain Crunch: 100%? How about 25% English?
Me: What? How’s that going to help?
Captain Crunch: 50%?
I feel like I’m bartering…

Eventually Captain Crunch relented, but the amount of English in our conversations hasn’t changed much from then -_-;

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2 Responses to The Return of Kubo 11.18.10

  1. David says:

    Agree ! The best to learn any language is to practice. JUST DO IT as they say. Same as anything, I guess. Would any one will fly on any plane it is piloted by someone who learn to fly only by book and never practice ?

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