Big Boss 2.4.11

Captain Crunch: [looking downcast] Did you get a text from Pirate?
Me: About Ping Pong today? Yeah, why?
Captain Crunch: I’m not sure if I want to go…but I’m afraid of what will happen if I say no to Big Boss.
Me: Big Boss?
Captain Crunch: Yeah, you know like from the video game.
Me: Metal Gear?
Captain Crunch: Yeah… Big Boss is scary.
Me: Then who are you, Snake?
Captain Crunch: [contemplating] …no, I mean, Snake beats Big Boss in the end right?
Me: Are you just a nameless soldier then?
Captain Crunch: Yeah, that sounds about right.

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4 Responses to Big Boss 2.4.11

  1. agnes says:

    tell the truth and be yourself is not expected??!!

  2. agnes says:

    Drawing from my own experience – They respect you more if you stand up to them….of course you better have all the facts.

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