Getting Down With The Sickness 2.11.11

This week there was a national holiday on Friday giving the company workers a rare 3-day weekend as the company decided that making us come in on Saturday (as per the usual rules) would be abnormally cruel. Though having a holiday also means that the dorm’s cafeteria is not in operation so I had to hit the town, which consists of roughly 3 restaurants, 2 supermarkets, and a somewhat sketchy karaoke place, in order to find some food.

So at noon I went outside, donned my azure helmet and rode out on my trusty bike ‘John’. However, instead of taking the straight shot to the supermarket I decided to take a detour in order to scope out a bit more of the surrounding area. This expedition led me to the residential areas of the town which were filled with houses in varying levels of decay. Two hours, and a couple of pictures, later I finally arrived at the supermarket. And upon entering I ran into Butterfly. He was there to pick up some food for himself as well as bring some snacks and drinks for a 見舞い (visiting a sick person).

Me: 見舞い? Who’s sick?
Butterfly: F-san.
Me: F-san? The girl from China?
Butterfly: Yeah.
Me: That looks and acts exactly like your first love?
Me: 頑張れ! (I wish you thorough success in whatever endeavor you decide to partake in during the visit)

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6 Responses to Getting Down With The Sickness 2.11.11

  1. David says:

    lovesick ?

  2. agnes says:

    detour again! difference is you got a bic!!
    the town too boring to keep any young girl around??

    • Cchan says:

      I guess, it’s pretty much factories and barbershops. But I also live in the country part of the country; there are probably some young people in Imabari proper, maybe not though…

  3. dyshin says:

    Oh no, only -two- supermarkets? How ever will you find sustenance?

    Also, I thought you would have learned a lesson about taking detours to see the surrounding area.

    • Cchan says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty hard; I usually have to supplement the measly pickings I can get from the supermarkets with conbini food.

      Also, me learning things from past experience? Pshaw.

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