Eating at a nearby udon restaurant…

Mountain Bike: So Butterfly, how did visiting F-san work out?
Butterfly: Huh? It went OK…
Talking about the mimai…
Butterfly: (sheepish smile) Her pajamas were really cute…
Mountain Bike: Pervert!
Me: Like you’re one to be talking!

Mountain Bike: So how come you haven’t asked her out yet?
Butterfly: I’m too busy trying to get used to work.
Mountain Bike: That’s just an excuse!
Butterfly: …
Me: Speaking of which, when are you asking out O-san Mountain Bike?
Butterfly: Yeah, you have to be brave!
Mountain Bike: …
Me: Actually, neither of you are in a position to scold someone else about their love life…
Butterfly and Mountain Bike: OTL

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2 Responses to Self-Awareness

  1. David says:

    Don’t ask; don’t know. Nothing to lose.

  2. agnes says:

    They think too much and afraid of what happened if and when they got stuck with responsibilities…..its not they lack the courage to ask the girl out.
    great insight from this book I am reading:
    beginning of a relationship: enjoy ‘being’ ‘existence’ of each other
    during: the demand and request making relationship difficult
    if we can remain being and existing for each other without demand and expectation that will be a perfect situation!?
    I am learning to keep my mouth shut, Colgan! tough indeed.

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