Goodbye Ex-Pat 2.26.11

Brewster owns a foreigner bar called Ex-Pat in Imabari. He’s an interesting guy who has traveled a lot and speaks four language fluently; he used to know more, but forgot them over time. Unfortunately, due to his declining health he has decided to close down his bar. So he decided to call up all of his regulars and have one last party. He said he wanted as many people as possible.

Trying to do my part, I scrounged up as many people as I could. The final line-up consisted of 7 people: Pirate, Captain Crunch, Peaches, Mountain Bike, Butterfly, Quebec*, and Me.

*Quebec is from Canada and currently on an extended vacation (6 months) in Japan. He’s doing a home stay with a family in the area and teaches English classes to pay for his living expenses.

Before heading to the bar we stopped off at a Chinese restaurant for some dinner. There Pirate proceeded to establish a matriarchal dominance and b*tch slap anyone who got out of line. She also expressed her approval for Butterfly’s feelings for F-san.

Butterfly: I work in the —–* section.
*I don’t remember which section he works in 😦
Pirate: Oh, with F-san?
Butterfly: Uh…yeah
Me: You know F-san?
Pirate: Yeah, I taught her Japanese.
Me: So you’re good friends with her?
Pirate: Mmm…maybe a bit more friendly than normal co-workers?
Me: (glancing back and forth between Pirate and Butterfly)
Butterfly: No, don’t say anything!
Pirate: Huh, what do you… Oh! Go for it! China will get stronger!

After dinner we headed over to Brewster’s bar (albeit a bit late). The place was packed with people, if it wasn’t for the fact that some people were leaving when we got there our group wouldn’t have been able to fit. There was a ton of food laid out on the counter, music blaring, and smatterings of Japanese and English conversation filling the air. I also spotted two of my acquaintances from the bar, Monty* and Po-Po*. So, more introductions.

*Monty – Monty is a laid back guy with very good English. He studied abroad in England for about a year and practiced English by hitting the bars very frequently.
*Po-Po – Po-Po is a very lively and friendly person. He has traveled quite a bit, particularly Indonesia, and also has a good command of the English language.

After exchanging greetings with Monty and Po-Po it was quite obvious that Po-Po had consumed a noteworthy amount of alcohol prior to my arrival. His face was bright red and whenever there was a lull in the conversation he started making random noises; it was amusing to say the least. Eventually Mountain Bike joined in on the conversation and he and Po-Po starting talking about Indonesia.

Mountain Bike: Yeah, Indonesia is a great place.
Po-Po: Yeah, did you ever try ganja?
Mountain Bike: I did it once, how about you?
Po-Po: No, no! I never did it.
Me: What’s ganja?
Mountain Bike: It’s kind of like sake, except you don’t drink it…
Me: Huh?
Po-Po: You put it into a container of some sort and then you inhale the fumes. And when you inhale you get a feeling that’s kind of like being drunk except you don’t get a hangover afterwards.
Me: …oh.
Po-Po: But I’ve never done it!

Around this point I left to stock up on food and when I came back Mountain Bike was trying to guess what Po-Po’s job is; well, will be starting from April.

Mountain Bike: Fireman!
Po-Po: Nope.
Mountain Bike: Gimme a hint.
Po-Po: Mmm… it’s pretty close to being a fireman, except everyone hates you.
Mountain Bike: Fire Fighter!
Me: That’s the same thing…
Mountain Bike: I have no idea…
Po-Po: Everyone likes firemen right? I’ll be doing a similar thing but everyone hates me.
Me: And it’s also why he can’t admit to doing ganja.
Mountain Bike: Policeman!

Other notable events:
Pirate forced Captain Crunch to eat carrot sticks in an attempt to sober him up.
Captain Crunch got a girl’s number.
Captain Crunch got a guy’s number.
Quebec ran into a friend of his that works at the local radio station.
Found out Po-Po practices Poi in public on Wednesdays at Imabari Castle.
Mountain Bike is going to start taking English lessons from Brewster.
Carrot sticks have no effect on Captain Crunch as he drunkenly exclaims “I LOVE CARROTS” while scarfing them down.

Goodbye Ex-Pat.

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3 Responses to Goodbye Ex-Pat 2.26.11

  1. David says:

    Couldn’t Brewster sell the business and Ex-Pat could continue ? It is sad that it has to end and no place for ex-pat to go. Well, all party has to end one way or the other.

  2. David says:

    Are you contemplating the end of your internship coming in June ? Treasure every monent you have now. Make a list of things you want to do before you leave and try to check them off.

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