Earthquake And Tsunami

So, in my preemptive strike to assuage all fears and concerns for my safety I neglected to update my blog about my current status.

The Ehime prefecture (where I live) was completely unaffected by earthquake and tsunami damage. I think the eastern part of Shikoku had some slight damage, but nothing comparable to what happened in the northern parts of Japan. Other than an influx of donation boxes to aid relief efforts, nothing has changed around here. Everyone is still working late (except me), complaining of work exhaustion, going to pachinko, and messing around with Captain Crunch.

Actually, I imagine my feelings on the Tsunami are much akin to everyone else in the world at this point. While I do live in Japan, I haven’t seen any of the destruction left by the tsunami first hand, just pictures and videos. I also don’t have any friends or relatives that live in the affected areas, so I don’t feel a personal connection to the events either.

My parents asked me to update them about how the local people feel about the incident, but there isn’t anything particularly out of the ordinary. Aside from the people who have friends or relatives in the affected areas, people are just trying to stomach the fact that the tsunami actually happened. There was an incident with a chain mail going around asking everyone to conserve electricity, but it turns out that because of the way the distribution system is set up, conserving electricity in Ehime doesn’t really help the affected areas at all. There’s also been a bit of a joke about the aid sent from Korea. According to reports, Korea sent a total of 5 rescue workers and 2 dogs; netizens have been theorizing that the dogs are ’emergency rations’. Someone also mentioned how the oil refineries damaged by the tsunami looked as if ‘Godzilla had attacked them’.

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4 Responses to Earthquake And Tsunami

  1. David says:

    Our Fire District has sent 6 fire fighter/rescue workers to Japan. Edmonds, one of the cities we served has a sister city Hekinan in Japan. It is also a coastal city east of Osaka. Since Imbari is in a very protected water not facing the Pacific Ocean, is she historically able to avoid Tsunami ?

  2. Aaron says:

    Wolfram Alpha tells me that Fukushima is 490 miles away from Imabari. I wonder if your mom would be just as panicked if you were in Seattle and a tsunami set off a partial meltdown in Vancouver, which is only 120 miles away. After reading your prompt Facebook status update, I figured you were okay and didn’t need to check on you. I have a friend flying to Tokyo for Spring break because tickets are so cheap. Stay strong and enjoy your last few months in Japan.

    • Cchan says:

      Yeah, I think she would be less worried in the example you give. My mom has come to think that the mere fact that I’m in Japan is life-threatening despite the evidence that I’m perfectly safe where I currently am. And to that point, evacuating Japan would actually bring me closer to the areas affected by the disaster.

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